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All Coast Academy Swim Club has four different membership options to cater to each swimmer or supporter.
All membership products are purchased through Swim Central.


Swimmer in Swimming Lane

Full Competitive Swimmer


Essential for regular club members who wish to compete at meets state-wide and nationally.


Club Only Swimmer


Club Only Swimmer is Perfect for swimmers who only want to compete at their own club in Club Nights and meets.

Swim Coach

Dry/Supporter Member


Dry/Supporter Membership is Perfect for fans, coaches, volunteers, Technical Officials, parents and supporters who wish to enjoy some of the benefits that Swimming NSW have to offer, without having to dive into the pool.

Female Swimmers

Second Claim Member


Members wishing to join as an "additional" club.

NOTE: Do not use this product if you are wishing to transfer to All Coast Academy as you will need to transfer clubs via Swim Central.

Club Membership Fees for 2023/2024


Full Swimmer $140

Club Only Swimmer $120

Dry Supporter (Non-swimmer) $40


Active Kids Vouchers

You can put an Active Kids Voucher towards the cost of Membership. Please see this helpful Swim Central Guide on how to do this.

How to Join?

All membership products are purchased through Swim Central.

Follow the steps outlined in the Swim Central Getting Started Guide, then in the Parent/Member Guide.

Swimming NSW Membership

Your registration with All Coast Academy Swim Club means that you are now also a member of Swimming NSW. This has many extra benefits so keep your eye out for emails with promotions and discounts from them. The Swimming NSW website has loads of information about competitive swimming so if you or your child is interested in competing in swim meets you’ll find more details there.

Membership FAQs

Can we come for a Free Trial?

Yes you can! You can come along to two club nights free of charge. Entries must be made in advance by emailing the Race Secretary by 8pm on the Thursday prior to the club night you wish to attend, including the swimmer’s Name, Date of Birth and the events they wish to enter. No entries can be accepted on the night.

Is there a Lower or Upper Age Limit?

No age limits – swimmers must be able to swim 25 metres. We currently have swimmers from age 5 to 65 regularly competing at our club nights.

Do I have to stay at the pool with my child at Club Night?

Yes. All members under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Am I Expected to Help at Club Night?

Ideally yes please! We are entirely volunteer run and rely on parents to be timekeepers, run the BBQ etc., which allows the more experienced parents to organise the night. We need eight timekeepers each week to allow the night to run and for swimmers times to be recorded, plus BBQ helpers. All jobs are straightforward and training given where necessary.

What is involved in the Timekeeping job?

The Timekeeper simply needs to press a button when the swimmer starts and touches the wall at the end of the race, and write down the time shown on the screen.

I am already a Full Swimmer member at another club. Can I swim at All Coast Academy Swim Club Club Nights?

We offer a limited number of memberships for those wishing to swim at All Coast Club nights who already have a different Primary Club membership, This is called Second Claim Membership.

Second Claim Swimmers are not eligible to earn All Coast Academy Swim Club Championship points. Please note that membership numbers are limited for this particular membership category. Log in to Swim Central and search for All Coast Academy Swim Club to see cost and availability for this membership.

Can you help me with Swim Central?

Swim Central now have a great Support Centre, including help guides and FAQs. Whether you need to change your email address, want to transfer your membership, accidently set a child up as a parent or any other queries, the Support Centre will have the answer.

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