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Where are you located?

Unit 2/9 and 5 O'hart cl, Charmhaven NSW 2263. Off pacific Hwy. Click here for Map

Is your Pool Heated?

Yes, Our pool is always kept at a warm 31-34 degrees all year round.

How many students are in each class?

Parent assisted classes have a max 7 students per class

Level 1 have a max of 3 students per class/instructor.

Level 2-4 have a max of 4 students per class/instructor.

Level 5 and 6 have a max of 5 students per class

Academy have a max of 8 per lane


Is your centre a mineral water pool?

Yes, We are proud to provide the first swim school on the northern end of the central coast to have a state of the art Mineral magnesium water purification system that enhances water quality second to none to ensure our customers experience the healthiest water possible and a wonderfully odour free environment.
The Brauer Swim Purification System reduces chlorine levels by up to 80% and effectively destroys
chlorine by-products (chloramines) that are known to cause eye, skin or respiratory irritations. This is
especially helpful for swimmers with eczema, asthma or allergies. In addition, the Brauer system
effectively destroys parasites such as Cryptosporidium so you can watch on comfortably knowing
that your children are swimming in the healthiest water possible, hence the Healthy Swim Australia

What are your Payment methods?

Direct Debit, Eftpos, Bank Transfer, Credit card Payment, Afterpay, Active kids or through our parent portal app.

Payment terms?

All fees Must be 2 weeks in advance at all times.

- Monthly term payment is due before end of each month.

Make up Policy

Make up lessons are only given if we are notified no less than 30 Mins prior to swimming lesson and your account is up to date. Please give us as much notification as possible, as this will allow another family to book a make up in your child’s missed spot.

Make up lessons can be booked through the parent portal, contacting the All coast swim stars team or at reception.

  • Two (2) makeup lessons are offered per month.

  • Make-ups Expire 90 days from notified absence.

  • No Refunds are given for missed lessons.

  • Make-ups cannot be credited. 

  • Private lessons- No Makeups are given unless we can make prior arrangements. if you miss a lesson you will be credited the lesson fee and a $13 fee is charged to cover instructor.

  • Missed lessons for holidays or extended leave will be marked as a Make-up.

Do Lessons run through school holidays?

Yes, We are open and offer lessons as normal through the school holidays.

Public holiday and long weekends?

We are not open during public holidays customers are not charged for these closures.

What are your terms and conditions?

Here is a link to our Term and conditions

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